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Need help getting your product into the right customer's hands?


What we do is pretty simple. We get great products into the hands of the right customers.

Pathfinder GTM are Go to Market experts that can help distribute any product to a targeted set of customers.

It starts with understanding which customers are right for our partner's products.

We then build a sales plan to get the products in front of the right customers in the right way, and we execute the sales plan with full commercial analysis throughout.

Our services cover all aspects of distribution, including customer targeting, marketing campaigns, planning, logistics, e-commerce, reporting and analytics.

What we can't do? Now that is a harder question.


We are a distribution and marketing company that are experts at our trade. We have been distributing mobile phone products and other essential business products including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for over 10 years from our office and warehouse in Watford.

We are a small but highly experienced team, with an extended virtual team of professionals that can be called upon for their expertise, that deliver projects with agility to delight both partners and customers alike.


We obsess about getting it right for the customer. The little things matter. Consistency matters. Clarity matters.

Being agile is absolutely key. We can react very quickly to market opportunities and changes. We can learn as we go if we need to.

But there is method in our madness. We have tried and tested business processes that underpin everything we do.

It's all about analysis and understanding what works and what doesn't to fine tune our campaigns to drive success.


We work with big brands and little brands alike to deliver collaborative, entrepreneurial sales promotions and results.

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